The Jonbear Fourtet: Panda Bear 


Lions and Tigers and Panda Bears!!!

holy cow guys, Its been a long time since the Jonbear Fourtet got together to make some sweet music. But last night we got together and rocked the house! Jon B's house to be specific. Jon has spent the past year building a fantastic home studio and last night we got to try it out at practice. 

MIcrophone cables covered the ground like the thick vine of the rain forrest and the music was hot and thick. Tribal rhythms and rumbling bass were accompanied by the singing birds of the horn section. And directing the whole wild ruckus was the Bear himself, Jon B.

So here is a treat for all of you, it's a live recording we did of one of our live show favorites "Panda Bear." This song has become one of our favorites to play and one of your favorites to dance to, though it wasn't on our first album. 

Enjoy the tune, and I'll see you all later.


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