New Band, New songs  Podcast

Hey Everyone,

I'm very excited about this post. lately I have been collaborating with my very talented little sister Sarah on some new songs for a new project we are calling "An Old timepiece."

We spent some time recording a few demos over the break and the result is a kind of neo-soul.

So enjoy the new music and check out our myspace page:
  1. New Band, New songs

New Christmas Track  Podcast

Hey Everyone!

I just had a great Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and our families. Thanks to everyone that made that possible, and thanks to everyone that's here checking out my website.

I have a new song here to get you all in the holiday spirit. Its one of my favorite holiday songs and I came up with this solo jazz guitar arangement for it about a week ago.

I hope you all enjoy it and have a great season.

  1. The Christmas Song