New Business Card

Hey Everyone! I have a spiffy new business card that was designed by the talented and handsome Seth Capshaw. Seth is the owner and Head designer for Pagoda T-shirts, a new company that will be up and printing very soon so check it out!

In other news my new band, An Old Timepiece, played our first show last friday at the College House in Norman. That night we played with the Off Boyd Jazz Band and Penny Hill (who is releasing her first album at the Speakeasy on March 12th). It was a truly great night and I have been informed that the College House will be hosting Denton's Snarky Puppy on March 12th. So you have two amazing shows going on that night, not to mention I'll be playing with the Off Boyd Jazz kids earlier in the same night!

Its an exciting time to be alive!

be well,


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