More New Videos

I've posted some new videos thanks to Casey Freidman and his Acoustic Oklahoma Project. Check out the new videos and if you like them come check out Me and Laura Wiederhoeft playing at VZD's on April 12th at 10pm.…

Teaching lessons and new songs! 

 Hey everyone!

I've posted some new songs I recorded with the lovely and talented Laura Wiederhoeft of Off Boyd Jazz. We recorded versions of "Route 66" and "the Nearness of You." Enjoy the new tunes!

Also, just…

New Songs!!!

 Hey everyone!

I just posted three new songs. These are my arrangements of three of my favorite songs:

Georgia on my Mind

Chim Cheree

My Romance. 



The Jonbear Fourtet: Panda Bear 


Lions and Tigers and Panda Bears!!!

holy cow guys, Its been a long time since the Jonbear Fourtet got together to make some sweet music. But last night we got together and rocked the house! Jon B's house…

CJ Greco Austin: Last day in Austin


Hey Everyone! This is our last day in Austin and it's been a great trip. Big John has been a great. We're playing at the Saxon Pub this afternoon at 3pm, so come check it out if you're in…

CJ Greco Austin: Rockin' 6th St.!!!

Hey Everyone,

we played on 6th street today! and it what awesome! we played at Beale st. Tavern and had lunch at their sister restaurant "Bikini's." We all had a great time and we'll be at Saxon Pub…

CJ Greco Austin: First Show at Armadillo Hall!!!


Hey everyone! CJ and I just got done checking the sound here at the Armadillo Hall and we're going to kick off the show in a few minutes with Jennifer B. If you're in the Taylor Texas area come…

CJ Greco Austin: On the Road again

Hey everyone! CJ and I just rolled into Taylor Texas after driving through Ft. Worth and Waco. We listened to some good tunes (we discovered the Raconteurs on my ipod), ate some beef jerky and enjoyed the countryside. now…

CJ Greco Austin: the set-up


Hey everyone! I'll be traveling to Austin, Texas this weekend to play a couple of shows with CJ Greco. We've been working up the original material with a trio set-up and it's sounding awesome! If you're in the Austin…

The Off Boyd Jazz Band @ Norman Music Festival!


Hey Everyone! I have a big announcement today! My jazz project, the Off Boyd Jazz Band, will be playing at the Norman Music Festival this year. We will be playing at the Sonder Music Stage at 5p.m. on Saturday…